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Community Outreach

Acting & Drama Classes
Community Theatre Drop In Sessions:

Are you interested in theatre or acting but don’t know how or where to start?

The Folkestone Performing Arts Centre, in residency at the Sunflower House, would like to invite you to an open drama workshop  from 6.30 to 8pm to see if you would be interested in joining our growing community theatre group.


No experience is necessary and no preparation for the workshop is necessary.  Sessions run fortnightly so please be in touch for the date.


Get in touch by the button to the right.

Since May 2022, we have been running regular drop-in sessions that have focused on key theatre skills.  We had great fun participating in December’s Jim Jam Arts’ Living Advent Calendar where 6 actors [5 of whom had never performed in front of a live audience] performed extracts from a modern play.  We will be doing more of the same this term but, hopefully, add in script writing as well.


One of FPAC’s core values is accessible training opportunities.  To that end, FPAC reaches out to community members with little or no experience or training in its Community Theatre Group.  Training in drama skills such as voice, character & text analysis, and playwrighting are offered alongside ‘soft’ skills such as verbal and non-verbal communication, empathy, teamwork, fitness, well-being and self-confidence.  We also look to combat social isolation through these regular creative social gatherings.


We formed to encourage greater local participation in theatre.  Our vision is to provide the community with opportunities to create and perform new dramatic work. Our ambition is to create positive change in the community, thus giving people a chance to develop a stronger sense of connection and belonging to their local environment and communities.


Success, for us, is to be the preeminent ensemble theatre in Kent and a vibrant artistic hub at the heart of our community that inspires local people of all ages and abilities to take creative risks.

Singing & Dance
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