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The Leech of Folkestone

“The world, according to the best geographers is divided into Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Romney Marsh. In this last-named, and fifth, quarter of the globe, a Witch may still be occasionally discovered in favourable, i.e. stormy, seasons, weathering Dungeness Point in an eggshell, or careering on her broomstick over Dymchurch wall.”


Mrs Botherby’s Story: The Leech of Folkestone, set in the depths of Romney Marsh, tells the macabre but humorous tale of a woman so fed up with her husband, she sets out to rid herself of him with the help of the local doctor. The play contains mediaeval folklore, comic and colourful characters, supernatural themes and beautiful, dramatic descriptions of the landscape of southeast Kent. 

Through the unique theatrical methodology of training & devising called The Viewpoints, FPAC's ensemble is able to tell this community story in dynamic and unexpected ways. Full of colour, music, visual delights, smells and a great story, this production sets out to immerse and revive the senses of its audience.


The Leech is particularly suitable for touring throughout Kent because of its Kent-specific source material. The play is self-sufficient & technically adaptable and has been devised for non-theatrical spaces. It is a show for all ages to tour in the spring. It is a perfect piece of story-telling theatre to hear myths and legends of the local area.

Please get in touch if you want further details about the tour and how to book the show.

Previous Shows

One of the Finest Vistas in the District
December 2023

It has been a real privilege for the Folkestone Performing Arts Company to co-create a unique piece of verbatim theatre that charted the successful campaign to save Prince’s Parade.  Alongside the script, there is also a database of recorded stories of a small sliver of the many participants throughout the years of campaigning. 


The Save Prince’s Parade Campaign was a community group who successfully challenged the Folkestone and Hythe District Council’s plans to build a housing estate of 150 three and four-storey seafront dwellings, a hotel and a leisure centre  on council-owned land adjacent to the Royal Military Canal, a Scheduled Ancient Monument, at Princes Parade, Hythe, Kent. 


The tranquil, green strip of land at Princes Parade is both beautiful and unique. It lies between the Royal Military Canal, built as a defensive measure during the Napoleonic wars, and the seafront at Seabrook in Kent.  The Canal with its peaceful and accessible waterside paths combines with the vibrant seafront promenade to provide a variety of low-key leisure activities such as walking and cycling that all can enjoy for free.


Of immense value to the local community, Prince’s Parade also attracts many visitors from outside the immediate area. Its seafront road and promenade are renowned for their open character and panoramic views of the Hythe hills to the north and the open sea and France (on clear days) to the south.

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