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Celebrating Refugee Week at the Tower Theatre with refugees & asylum seekers from Napier Barracks.

Last Wednesday, two FPAC Ensemble members, Matthew Hahn & Francisca Stangel celebrated Refugee Week during their weekly drama workshops at the Tower Theatre with men from Napier Barracks.

Ohla, our early career facilitator mentee, introduces the performance to the audience.

This performance was the final workshop of the second term of the Arts Council England funded project. We will return in September for another term of workshops.

We had a lovely audience of FPAC Community Theatre members, a FPAC Trustee, Folkestone & Hythe Councillors and men from Napier Barracks who saw a performance of singing, dancing and theatre all co-created with the men based on the theme of 'Home.' There were songs in multiple languages, dancing, music from the various 'homes' the men have left, plays acted by the men [for most of the men, this was their first time on a stage] and participatory singing ['Head Should Knees & Toes' in 6 different languages with the movements can be quite exhausting!].

Audience Reaction to the Performance:

  • Sam, from the INTERACT project which engages members of Kent communities around the future of mental healthcare and research.

  • Vic, from Napier Friends, a volunteer organisation which builds a supportive and empowering community for people seeking asylum living at Napier Barracks and help them to understand and integrate into British society both whilst living at the camp and after they move on to accommodation around the UK.

  • Michelle, from the Tower Theatre, where this project takes place.

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